More Americans identify as Independents than GOP or Dem

"A Declaration of Independents' author and Kansas Senate candidate Greg Orman addresses how the Centrist Project aims to break the two-party stranglehold." Source: CNN

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Americans are tired of the professional wrestling in politics

On Election Day 2016, the two major party presidential candidates had combined negative approval ratings of over 110 percentage points in multiple polls, the highest in recorded history. Many Americans felt like they were being forced to choose between the lesser of two evils.

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Thank Pampered Political Class for 2016's Angry Electorate

There was the moment in 2008 when Congress bailed out the financial industry, followed by the moment in 2014 when it passed the cromnibus bill that allowed those same institutions to make risky bets again inside their government-insured institutions. Such a double standard is called privatizing profits and socializing losses.

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